Trainings & Activities

RTEMS Kick Start and Open Class training at On-line Applications Research Corporation ( OAR), Huntsville, Alabama.

CyberTruck Challenge training and competition at Detroit, Michigan where we learnt CANBUS and its underlying technologies, infotainment technologies such as Wireless, Android and so on. We were also trained on hardware and software reverse engineering, Truck Systems e.g. Cummins, Peterbilt, Army Vehicles, etc.

Brookhaven National Laboratory Site Visit to have hands-on experience on EPICS ( Experimental Physics Industrial Control Systems) Scientific infrastructure.

National CyberForce Competition organized by Department of Energy in collaboration with various scientific laboratories nationwide. We were part of the team that represented UCCS at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) at Golden, Colorado.

Cummins Hackathon: Members of the ESSL team were grouped into hardware and software teams. The hardware team won the hackathon having successfully disrupted the Cummins ECUs (Electronic Control Units). The software team made efforts to reverse engineered the firmware.